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About us

Citi Pak, as the premium disposable food-packaging supply company in the region , caters to a variety of companies within the region,by supplying over 1,000 products, consisting of everything from plastic and catering equipment such as plastic containers, aluminium containers, foils, paper cups,deli take away containers and biodegradable products to hygien products.

The company, business unit of the Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries Group ( ENPI ), deliver nothing short of excellent ,premium quality,durable product to its clientele

The inspiration for Citi PAK’s products comes from nature and its surroundings and the thought process behind each product is to make it as creative looking and sustainable as possible. Currently providing packaging and hygiene solutions for hotels, hospitals, airlines, food chains and restaurants, the company constantly researches new innovative techniques in the market and meets the multiple needs of customers and clients, by using this knowledge and skills to further enhance its packaging.

With the company’s wide range of products and customers, it is able to deliver products of high standards at affordable prices, setting them apart from rest. Its large fleet of delivery vehicles makes it easier to reach clients instantly and deliver across the UAE.


High-quality products, active involvement of stakeholders and customer-oriented culture are fundamental cornerstones of its future growth strategy. To become the regional market leader requires dedication, diversification and an in-depth understanding of the end-user's requirements.


Fulfillment of customer requirements in a timely fashion and assuring them complete support has always been the proven mission statement of ENPI group. Our philosophical goal is to develop long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. In doing so, we provide our customers with innovation, vision, quality and the latest in terms of technology.

Our Customers

Food chains, Bakeries & Restaurants
Ship Chandlers
Food Catering Copanies and instutional caterers
Super markets and hypermarket chains
Airline Catering
Industries using our safety & hygiene products