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Logistic Facilities

Citi Pak owns state of the art logistic facilities in Ind. Area 11 of Sharjah. Products are warehoused in ambient conditions as per international standards. Most modern RFID technology incorporated warehouse management system is used for product storage, stock control and tracking. Citi Pak is certified with ISO 22000, OHSAS, HACCP certifications, thereby stressing the stringent quality standards maintained by Citi Pak.

Production Facilities

Citi Pak produces Aluminum Foils, Cling films, Baking paper, Wax paper etc. at their facilities in Ind. Area 11 of Sharjah. Sophisticated fully automated rewinding machines are used for the manufacturing process. We have recently installed the ultra modern sheeters, laminators and four color flexographic printing facilities in Citi Pak that enables us to produce sandwich wraps of paper and aluminium. Food grade ink is used in production and human contact is completely eliminated during products and packing. Additional production facilities are planned soon and more updates will be provided on our website.